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AZ Mount Pro with LiteRoc Tripod

AZ Mount Pro with LiteRoc Tripod

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Introducing the AZ Mount Pro with its intuitive "level and go" GOTO setup. This refers to the iOptron AZ Mount Pro's uncomplicated setup process. With the assistance of its precision level indicator, the operator levels the mount and powers it on, and the computerized alt-azimuth telescope mount takes over from there. The mount uses its 32-channel GPS receiver and position and angular detection sensors to calculate its global position and telescope orientation, automatically slewing the instrument to a bright object in the night sky. The user then verifies that the object is in the center of the view to activate tracking and GOTO functionality.

Furthermore, the AZ Mount Pro is accompanied by the new LiteRoc tripod, which is lighter than the previous 2" model but has comparable stability. Additionally, the tripod has improved leg cuffs and sockets for increased rigidity and redesigned leg lock levers to secure the extensions' position.

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