Meet the Astronz Board

Nalayini Davies
Board Chair

Nalayini’s interest in astronomy was triggered in childhood by naked eye observations of a bright comet and a total solar eclipse. She has been a member of Auckland Astronomical Society for over 30 years and joined the Board of Astronz in 2013 and has been the Chair from 2016.

Nalayini holds a Master of Science degree in astronomy from Swinburne University in Australia, is a Director of the International Dark Sky Association and the President of the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand.

Observing the wonders of the universe through astronomical equipment and naked eye astronomy offered by dark skies remain favourite aspects of astronomy for Nalayini and she was instrumental in the successful effort to establish Aotea / Great Barrier Island as an international IDA accredited Sanctuary. She also co-leads the promotion of New Zealand’s journey to become a dark sky nation. She has spoken at Dark Sky conferences & workshops around the world.

As a Chartered Accountant with a Master of Science degree in finance from London Business School, University of London, Nalayini is presently Executive Director of Vinstar Consulting, one of New Zealand’s leading economic and financial advisory service providers, which has government clients in 35 countries worldwide.

Steve Hennerley

Steve is a keen astronomer with a passion for technology and astronomy equipment. In his 10th year on the council of Auckland Astronomical Society, Steve provides practical advice and hands on capability to astronomers of all levels of experience as part of  his role as Curator of Instruments.

Steve has been a director of Astronz since 2013 and has used his experience with astronomical equipment to inform the business on new product lines, trends in astronomy and also looking after providing after-sales care and service of most of our product lines in-house without the need to ship to overseas service centres.

Also having an active role supporting Stardome as Curator of Instruments, Steve was a key member of the team who retrofitted the 1960’s era Edith Winstone-Blackwell Zeiss Telescope to bring it into the 2020s and turn it into a modern, computer controlled robotic telescope.  In addition to astronomy, Steve finds the time to have a family and work professionally in Information Technology, working with communications, integration and software.

       Nick Moore         Director

Nick is the longest serving Director of Astronz joining the Board in 2008 at a time he was an active Council Member of Auckland Astronomical Society. Nick's interest in astronomy extends beyond observing into cosmology.

Nick's contribution of his professional IT skills led to the creation and maintenance of a website for Astronz which enabled it to operate online and expand nationally. Recently, Nick has contributed to further modernising the systems at Astronz to make them much more customer friendly and also operationally efficient with insights to help Astronz to better serve its charitable mission.

Recently, entrepreneurial success in his IT speciality has allowed Nick to extend his interest in flying to owning his own plane and owning and and operating a flying school.

Rob Turner

Rob has been a stargazer for as long as he can remember. He started looking into his father's telescope as soon as he was tall enough to reach the eyepiece, and from that moment on, he was hooked!  He's a member of the Auckland Astronomical Society and the Royal Astronomical Society of NZ. 

Rob's a digital marketing specialist who creates online courses and runs his own digital agency. He has a BA and a Graduate Diploma in Finance with a background in funds management. Besides Astronz, Rob's pro-bono work includes a number of years as Chair of Alzheimer's Auckland. Rob has extensive board, governance and commercial experience. He set up his first business in 1982 and has been self-employed ever since.

Pre-COVID, Rob was a digital nomad living in India and France, travelling extensively, taking advantage of the freedom offered by working online.